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industry-leader in risk acceptance

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(kind of)


we really know how to make it right

we just choose not to

(aka: we could really just meet your expectation and budget)

QUestionable guidance in:

ChatGPT hardening

Gourmet Artificial Intelligence

One-Click log4j security

Chaos Engineering as a Service

E-Voting NG

Ineffective SOC

ZeroTrust or SomeTrust

FoT (Firewall of Things)

Shift Left, Shift Right (up and down A A B B)

Infinidash Subject Matter Expertise

Unpaid Bug Bounty Programs

Offensive, Defensive or just Good Vibes (in)Security Operations

BlueTeam-NG, RedTeam-NG, AnyColorTeam-NG

Bug Bounty-NG

Painless Multi-Cloud Security (des)Integration

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Security? It's just there, isn't it? Or there is always a Sam

 Big Data (but non-discriminatory to Small and Medium Data)

Cloud, On-Prem, Hybrid (in)Security

Machine Forgetting,  Artificial Stupidity, Quantum Cryptography

Vulnerability Mismanagement

Incident Sympathy

Fishing Exercises(bring your fishing poles)

Threat Stupidity Feeds

Endpoint (possible) Detection (and no-response)


Accepting Risks without many questions

Risk Analysis NG - where something in between is acceptable


Re-Reverse Engineering

Single-Factor Authentication Hardening

COVID-19 VPN Implementation

Ransomware Corroboration

Application Appreciation

Source Code Very Quick Checkout

Mobile Application Coolness

Security Vagueness Training


and all the new and old cybers to come

you get the idea, we are a future-proof / scalable cyber-army ready for whatever marketing throws at us

No budget? No problem!

Reach out and you will try to get the answer you deserve for the price you (don't) pay. SOS((at))halfmouthsecurity.org

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